Working at Promeets is guided by one simple idea:
Life is better when you make meaningful connections.

Promeets was started to help people like you meet smart people who can help you live life better. Whatever your goal is in life, there is an expert who can share a fresh perspective on how to make your dream come true. Reach out to us anytime to join our community. Ask for a mentor recommendation or just say hi.

Meet Our Team

Headshot of Amber Hu

Amber Hu

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Sean Head

Sean Head

Chief Marketing Officer

Headshot of Yiling Hao

Yiling Hao

Marketing Director

Headshot of Ashley Tsai

Ashley Tsai

Product Manager

Headshot of Lucy Su

Lucy Su

Marketing Manager

Headshot of Jianguo Guo

Jianguo Guo

Java Developer

Headshot of Peng Dong

Suosa Sang

Android Developer

Headshot of Tim Strickland

Tim Strickland

Web Developer

Headshot of Xiaoming Chi

Shiyi Wang

UI/UX Designer